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Good Bye Non Descript
written @ 2:40 a.m. on 2007-01-04

Strangely enough I think i lost a very good friend tonight. So I toast to non-descript : to a wonderful life (and all the insanity and joy that that means).

it is funny because I did not read every day, or every month at times. Life gets you and you cant always be checking your diary. But often, late at night when I had time to think and get by all the things I deal with on my own I would wonder how he was doing and what he was up to and click into his site. tonight was one such night. I did this to find he was leaving, at first I was sad, and then instantly as I read the reason I was so filled with joy for him. I am actually relieved that he is taking flight. Never would I think that to lose a friend, would be such a positive thing.

I go to sleep happy, and that is really nice - to be plain. Sometimes it is good to just feel nice.

Enjoy the ride, thats all we can do and I think it is amazing. Happy trails old friend.


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